MB First Half Goal Score - Any Team to Score in the First Half.

Worldwide Football.

The MB First Half Goal Score Software analyses the historical data from the last 5 games played to produce potential Teams that is likely to score in the First Half of the match. It's irrelevant which Team Scores as long as there is a goal before Half Time. I have tried and tested this since 3rd May with a running P/L of +36

My strategy is to wait 10 minutes into the game before placing a bet:

a) Looks to see if it is an attacking or defensive game by looking at how many attacks there have been as well as shots made in the game, then decide to whether to place a bet. Also by waiting 10 minutes into the game allows the odds to rise.

b) If there's a goal (danger goal) within the first 10 minutes this is then voided.

c) If it's an attacking game, there are three options to place the bet.

1. Bet on 0.5 First Half Goals where the average odds would be 1.45+, therefore more winning selections but at lower odds and full profit.

2. Bet on 0.5/1 First Half Goals where the average odds would be 1.7+, if a goal is scored you are guaranteed  a profit. You can cash in at that point or wait hoping for a second goal to be scored to get the full profit but if a second goal is not scored and you have not cashed in you will get half profit.

3. Bet on 1 First Half Goals where odds would the average odds would be around 2+. If only one goal is scored you will get a refund. If 2 goals are scored you will get full profit.

d)  If it appears to be a defensive game do not bet.

I use % of my bank for stakes and when I am in profit for the day I do not bet any more for the day till the next day making sure I win each day!!
Screen shot of the Software in action, really easy to use with this 1 click system!

*This Software will run on any Windows Operating PC

*Subscription to the Software will be Licensed for 12 months.

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